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No name 1997 Ranger

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No name 1997 Ranger

Chrisx88 Chrisx88
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 11/21/13
10:11 AM

What's up everyone, im here from the ranger forum where its dead as hell.

Little info about me, I had my first mini truck when I was 18? Was an older box style s10, lowered, shaved handles, system, pearl white. Anyways, I sold that, picked up this ranger a few months ago, used as work truck. Now its in my garage torn down!

This will be my first ever air ride suspension, and I have no idea what im doing! Lol. I do have all the mechanical and fabrication skills needed. I eat sleep and *** with a wrench in my hand.

Plans for this winter:

Kp components bolt on 4 link (Simplicity, this being my first air ride)
Raised tranny xmember
Radius arm relocator
DJM Dream beams
Shocks from illusive
C Notch

Started Tear down

Null Zps6e5f3e4a
Null Zps478b23ca
Null Zps7fa427bc

Im ditching the heater, so I wont need these lines right? I can just plug them off at engine?

Null Zpsea609a60

Little bit of surface rust, no biggie.

Null Zpsb4f326e1
Null Zpsfb8c19ad
Null Zps1196a820

Radiator support is shot

Null Zps32e4c7ea

More tear down

Null Zpsc29f704f
Null Zps27316c18
Null Zps56532bbd
C5B31F4C CA80 4452 9D45 035CDC8A9FC6 Zpsg8zr5yhm
470CD2D2 FA83 402E 9737 9627422B0A07 Zpslpgccfoy
0F58420D C479 4564 91EC 4F288F86EC17 Zpskajd5yse
E8072573 049C 4436 B65E 8A06697BF2D4 Zpsiv2qiiuk

That's about it as of now. I would like to start searching for parts, but honestly, I do not know what to look for.

Tank size? How many ports? Port size?

Compressor, 1 or 2?

2500 or 2600 bags?

Any comments, advice, help, criticism is welcomed!

Chrisx88 Chrisx88
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 11/21/13
01:00 PM

132 views, no comments??