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Need some help Pressure switch

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Need some help Pressure switch

DangerRanger94 DangerRanger94
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/16/13
08:49 AM

I have a 120-140 pressure switch in the truck now I'm not keeping enough pressure  in the tank to lift the front bags up to more than 130 psi the comp dosen't kick on till its at about 110 and I have drain air outta bags in the back and fill them back up till I can get compressor to come on. Anyway to fix this problem or will this other 150-180 switch work? The back comes up alot easier than the front. I'm guess cause there is more weight in the front from the engine. I want to be able to fill my front bags to about 150 and no I can only get them to about 130. Any suggestions??

I have 160 something views an no replays someone has to have something to say.

Thanks for your time and help.