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New, old guy.

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New, old guy.

Enskyte Enskyte
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/13
Posted: 02/09/13
01:40 PM

Hey guys. Just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. Name is Bill, I started in mini trucking in 1991 with a 84 Toyota long bed.  Sold it and bought a new 1995 Nissan XE 5spd. 2.4 ka24e.  Dropped it the first week I had it.  Belltech spindles/three inch blocks, tweaked the torsions.

Pathfinder rims with 50's next and then Sprint by competition cap after that.
Headlight and taillight conversion and FBI intake were the last thing I did to it.

I loved that 2010 I rear ended someone and ended up selling her to the junkyard for parts. I wish I had found this spot a long time ago.  I had been a member since 1991, I let my subscription go after the accident.
Good luck with your trucks, hope I can help if you guys have any questions.