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Hard Luck - B2200 Dream Truck burns...

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Hard Luck - B2200 Dream Truck burns...

switchbox switchbox
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/12
Posted: 10/16/12
09:12 PM

Name's Christopher Ford. I've been after this truck for years, it finally came up for sale and I was around so my wife bought it for me as my birthday present this year.

Then my troubles began...

First day I owned the truck, I broke the 2 link dragging it in front of my house. Got that fixed, took it to Heritage 2k12, had a BAD gas half a tank leak. Suffered through it and babied it home. Put it in the garage, took apart the back of the truck, and push comes to shove and an electrical fire ignited the gasoline and poof. The back of the truck goes up like you wouldn't believe. I ran to my neighbors and got their water hose and soaked the truck to keep it from completely demolishing it and taking my garage with it in the process.

8095936571 9Bdd58c8be Z
MAZDY by mrsford2007, on Flickr

8095936641 5189786161 Z
MAZDY by mrsford2007, on Flickr

8095943082 8F3861edef Z
heritage2k12(3) by mrsford2007, on Flickr

8095934925 Cf4d250225 Z
DSCF3537 by mrsford2007, on Flickr

8095943934 Ef053f051d Z
. by mrsford2007, on Flickr

8095937367 3222B84809 Z
. by mrsford2007, on Flickr

More pics on request.


minitruckin133 minitruckin133
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 11/13
Posted: 11/27/13
08:02 PM

Damn chris sorry for your shitty luck what's your plans for the truck if any?  
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