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Question about slow bag fill up

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Question about slow bag fill up

mxrider0489 mxrider0489
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 07/03/12
02:02 PM

Hey Everyone,
I have a Bagged 2001 S10. I am running 4 bags with a compressor for each bag. I am having issues with the bags taking a bunch of hits of the switches to get it up. Ive had buddies that just hope right in their minis and before you know it they are up and driving me it takes like 10-15mins and if I let my tank get past 120PSI the bags wont pop up or even drop down. I have noticed that my voltage meter goes down significantly when I switch on the compressors. Do you think this is a alternator/Battery problem? I am waiting to install my new 220AMP alt and yellow top optima battery. My power switch is also my compressor switch would it help to have 2 seperate switches? Should I run a 2nd battery? Any Feedback is greatly appreciated.


5569 5569
Administrator | Posts: 7613 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 07/31/12
11:48 AM

what kind of compressors? 4 compressors will kill your alternator - voltage is probably dropping significantly and staying down the whole time the compressors are on. Bad bad! Trust me! ;-) If that needle stays down under load (while driving), I believe you are on borrowed time. If it stays down and the compressors are off, you are done. You have about 15 minutes of driving before you're done done. If you're driving on a dead alternator and start losing radio, gauges, etc., you're close to losing all power. I've only done it twice. I would personally not invest in a higher output alternator (you'll need a new belt too) or a yellow top (I've done both and if you have em, that's fine), but would instead not run 4 at a time.

That then brings up the problem of not being able to pump enough air, which sounds like is happening to you. My opinion is that compressors are incredibly slow and suck voltage like none other. I do have compressors on board, but primarily use my engine driven - plenty of air, no voltage drop. 120psi won't hardly do anything for my truck either, just not enough air. I drive my S10 with 170psi+ in the tank, and at least 100psi for the front and 60psi (or whatever) in back.

What size tank do you have?