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Back glass

Smokey3674 Smokey3674
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 03/12
Posted: 03/06/12
08:23 AM

Does any one know where I can get a new solid back glass for my 93 Isuzu pickup? I have the slider and dont want it would be willing to trade.... Let me know  

Srosenbaum Srosenbaum
User | Posts: 68 | Joined: 06/11
Posted: 03/06/12
10:21 AM

No but if you find one let me know. id like one for my 92 isuzu  

tuckn22s tuckn22s
Guru | Posts: 968 | Joined: 08/07
Posted: 03/08/12
07:10 AM

most any glass shop would cut you one out..just a thought  
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